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Upcoming Dates

  • Woodwind Scholarship Competitions Concert
    Westminster Conservatory
    Princeton, NJ
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  • Carol Comune, accompanist

    Annual Competitons and Recitals since 2010 to present

Past Dates

  • July 19, 2019
  • High School Vocal Institute Recital Hillman Performance Hall
    Vocal Institute
    Westminster Choir College
    Princeton, NJ
  • 7:30 PM
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  • Voice Class Recital for Soprano, Alto, Baritone, Tenor
    July 19, 2019
    7:30-9pm in Hillman Hall

    Tenor Voice Class

    Charles Walker, Tenor Coach

    Carol Comune, Collaborator Piano

     Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair- Foster

    Ich liebe dich- Beethoven

    Spirate pur, Spirate - Donaudy


  • May 19, 2019
  • Out of the Ordinary
    Westminster Choir College
    Bristol Chapel
    Princeton, NJ
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  • Faculty Recital Series

    Kenneth Ellison, clarinet

    Timothy Urban, hurdy-gurdy

    Carol Comune, piano

    Ikumi Hiraiwa, piano

    Chika Mimura, violin

  • October, 2018
  • Something’s Brewing
    Westminster Conservatory at Nassau
    Niles Chapel, Nassau Presbyterian Church
    61 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ
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  • Music of the Season for Solo Piano and Piano Duet

    Carol Comune and Patricia Tupta Landy, piano

    Repertoire includes:

    Schumann, Debussy , Mussorgsky and Corigliano

  • June, 2018
  • Marathon Concerts of Music by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee
    Rivers School Conservatory
    333 winter Street
    Weston, MA
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  • 80th Birthday Celebration

    In Memoriam (Carola Grindea) Op. 189

    Carol Comune and Gealyn Comune Clegg

    piano duet

  • May, 2018
  • Contemporary Piano- Original Compositions
    New Age Concert
    Greg Maroney’s Home
    Harrisburg, PA
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  • Original compositions and story with Greg Maroney and Carol Comune

  • January, 2018
  • Capturing Imagination Through Musical Storytelling
    Faculty Recital Series
    Bristol Chapel
    Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ
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  • Carol Comune, piano- Debut “The Nightingale Gale” by Comune

    Ikumi Hiraiwa, piano

    Eva Kastner-Puschi, narrator and piano

    Marjorie Seldom, viola

    Urska Haule Fegus, violin

    Melissa Bohl, oboe

  • September, 2017
  • Faculty Showcase
    Piano Workshop at Chester
    Chester, NJ
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  • Carol Comune, Piano

    Variations by Comune

  • September, 2017
  • Trios with a Twist
    Westminster Conservatory Faculty Recital
    Bristol Chapel
    Princeton, NJ
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  • This program features a collection of unconventional piano ensembles by American composers.

    Interesting combination of instruments provides variety of sound colors and styles.

    Carol Comune performs-

    Selections from Santa Fe Songs for Voice, String Trio and Piano (1980) 

    Trio-2 for Flute, Alto Saxophone and Piano (2010/2011) 

    English Dance for 2 Pianos, 6 Hands (1921)

  • November 17, 2016
  • Carousel Classics - A Musical Memoir
    Niles chapel of Nassau Presbyterian Church
    61 Nassau Street
    Princeton, NJ
  • 12:15 PM
  • Free Admission
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  • Carol Comune

    A Musical Memoir of Carol’s life in a dialogue with her original compositions.

    Life can be grand…mysterious, full of highs and lows…

    excitement and peace…

    oftentimes blending endings into beginnings 

    much like the movement of a carousel.

    Who would have known that my grandfather’s sometimes unwelcome but persistent requests for the family to gather around the piano would create impressionable memories that I cherished to this day.  From opera, Italian folk songs, Sousa marches, and classical music to Disney favorites, movie themes, and cartoon scores…music bridged the generation gap.  “Carousel Classics” was inspired by the love and appreciation my family had for music and its relationship to the emotions and experiences we share.

  • September 25, 2011
  • Jennifer Laubach, mezzo-soprano/Carol Comune, pianist
    Trinity Episcopal Church Concert Series
    200 S. Second Street
    Pottsville, PA
  • Sunday at 4 PM
  • No Admission Fee- Free Will Offering Taken
  • October, 2008
  • Steinway Artist Carol Comune
    Steinway Hall
    Manhattan, NYC, NY
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  • Steinway Artist Carol Comune debuts her composition Variations and collaborates with Val Saalbach, soprano and Bess de Farber, clarinet

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